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A Viking arm tool is an instrument used to lift, press, tighten with precision, and control objects like doors, windows, e.t.c. 

The uses of a Viking arm tool are; 


Door, window and cabinets installation 

Viking arm tool works in the installation of doors, windows, and cabinets. It assists you to lift the doors and windows to the heights needed and also tighten them Oryx Tools’ Viking arm. It works in areas whereby the doors and windows are bulky for you to lift. The machine assists you to uplift to the required heights making the work easier for you. It also ensures that your work is perfectly done. 

The tool works in the construction of stairs. It works like a lever, and therefore your work becomes easy while working with it. You don’t even need any assistance from anyone while working with it. 


Used by artisans to hold the working materials  

The Viking arm tool assists artisans in their work of compressing together hence making their work easy. This leads to an increase in the amount of work done in a day compared to when working without the machine. The job may be too difficult for you while working with your hands because it’s not easy to compress metals using bare hands. 


Used in wall building 

The tool works in the building of walls. It assists you in a compress and fixes the wall in the manner in which you need it to be. Once you fix the machine to certain dimensions, it does loosen or change them unless you do it manually. 


Used as a push object when moving huge loads 

The tool is used in areas where you need a real push. The load may be too huge and heavy for you to push but once you have the lever your work becomes easy. You only need to set the tool in the area you need to apply the push then press the arms. 


Used as a jack by mechanics  

The tool is used by vehicle mechanics when repairing vehicles underneath. In areas where maybe your vehicle has a puncture, you only need to set the machine just next to the wheel and apply force on the arms. The machine raises the car to the level you needed for you to work on the wheel. 


Used in Engineering projects 

The tool works in engineering, whereby you need to balance a beam for your items to be in a good position. You place the arm in the area you need to apply and then press on the arms. 



The Viking arm tool is a machine that makes your work easier, more so for manual workers. It reduces their labour and increases the number of tasks done within a given time. The machine is also at an affordable price and available in most of our retails. 

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