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Types of rental apartments recommended for you

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This is an apartment with a single room with a bathroom and a kitchen at the same place. This kitchen and bathroom are in the main room. This type of apartment is mostly used by people without families, as it is suitable for one person. If you are lucky, enough you can get an L- shaped studio as it will make it have a feel of having a separate living room and a kitchen.    


This is large, open space with huge windows and no interior walls. Most are used-to-be industrial buildings that have been turned into modern apartmentsThese are suitable for people who like expansive spaces. What is interesting about them is you can turn the spacious space into whatever you want. Its downside is that it may lack some amenities. 


These apartments have been split into two separate units. Each unit provides a complete living experience for its occupants. It is commonly rented by people who have a roommate. Even though you are living together, it provides some privacy by each person having his or her own bathroom and a kitchen. They may share a hallway because it is still the same apartment. 

Garden apartment 

This stand-alone apartment is not more than two or three stories but is surrounded by a garden or a lawn. This is recommended for a person who is looking for a rental apartment for his/her family. It provides some privacy to each occupant as compared to the studio and loft type of apartment. However, if you want a house that is at the center of attention then a garden apartment is not for you as it provides enclosed spaces. 

Railroad apartment 

This is a type of apartment aligned with rooms joined to each other without a hallway. Literally, the exit of one room is the entrance to the other. They can vary from a one-bedroom to a two– bedroom. This type of apartment is not really recommended for use in these modern times where people need privacy. 


The types of apartments mentioned above vary from size to price so it is all up to you to check the type of apartment that you want apartments to rent Edmonton

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